Welcome! I'm glad you're here! Your frustrating, lonely, and painful relationship journey will soon improve.
I'm going to take you by the hand, and personally work with you to create the love story you desire.

My name is Julie Nosovitsky, before I became a Coach, I was just like you -
a woman who desired happiness in a relationship, but didn't know how to unlock it.
I've been where you are. I know exactly what you're struggling with. I can help you!

Have you ever seen the Family Recipes of Love?

“1 Cup of Romance, 1 pinch of Humor, 2 Spoons of Joy...”

Yes, this is exactly what I am talking about.

What do you think of those? Silly? Funny?


Will you believe me if I tell you that some of them do work?

Of course, the real recipes are not that simple.

Not only they include some very special ingredients that

have to be mixed very special way,

you also need to know a secret to bring the recipe to life.

My grandparents came up with one of those very rare working recipes of love.

And this is something I had to learn the hard way.

I could not find my happiness for a very long time. 

I was trying so hard to prove and convince instead of just taking a step back and think. 

The relationships were not working for me

and when I met my future husband, even though we were deeply in love,

he didn’t treat me the way I wanted. 

We were fighting non-stop, everything was suddenly becoming an issue.

How many nights I spent fully awake, asking myself again and again, “Did I make a mistake?

Is he truly a right person for me? Are we ever going to make it?”

I felt hopeless.

And ever since I was a little girl, I knew what a true happiness looks like.

My grandparents shared the most amazing love one could only imagine. 

Their relationship reminded of a wonderful dance that you could watch forever

fascinated by its magical beauty. 

They came up with one of those very rare working recipes of love.

And I believed so strongly in the power of their recipe!

I was confident it would help me to achieve my own happiness.

But my grandmother warned me that, unfortunately, her recipe was not everything.

Some magic was required to make it work and she could not explain the magic.

So I started my long life journey.

I had been through a lot of pain, frustration, mistakes and disappointments until the magic opened to me.

I don’t call it magic anymore.

Now I call it secret, the secret that I discovered.

It totally changed my life.

My relationship with my husband became so much

like the one my grandparents shared.

I began helping my friends and many other people and soon realized how effective my help can be.

I became really passionate about it and decided to do it professionally. 

Having being a life coach for a number of years I started narrowing my focus to personal relationship coaching.

I understand what you are going through. I was there. And at the same time I know how to overcome it.

I have a life of my dream now and so do my friends and clients.

We know it’s possible.  We proved it.

Your life can change too!